Monday, December 2, 2013

Computer Driven Cars Will Transform the Travel Experience

Driverless Cars Are Coming

"By 2015, driverless cars will be in widespread operation, which could revolutionize individual mobility," HSBC said in recent report.

Big money is being invested in the "driverless car" technology, not only by manufacturers, but by technology providers as well.

We're already seeing the technology becoming commonplace with emergency brake systems, lane departure warnings, and radar regulated cruise control.  At the Frankfurt Car Show, Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche arrived on-stage in the back of his Mercedes and showed a video of the car being driven by computer over a 60 mile route through cities and the countryside.

Between driverless cars and Amazon delivering orders by drone, how far away are we from the Jetsons?

Computer Driven Cars Will Convulse the Auto Industry

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